As the forces of woke capitalism continue to terrorize ordinary Americans, right-leaning investors find themselves in a difficult position. The left’s ever-tightening grip on American corporations has led many conservatives to unknowingly buy stock in companies that embrace wokeism. But now, conservatives and others who do not subscribe to the tenets of woke politics have a way to ensure their investments are not directed to people and companies that are actively working against their values through an organization called 2ndVote, along with affiliated companies 2ndVote Advisers and 2ndVote Funds.


Andy Puzder, an Advisory Board Member for 2ndVote Advisers – as well as the former CEO of CKE Restaurants and President Trump’s first nominee for Secretary of Labor – told AMAC Newsline that 2ndVote’s investment philosophy is consistent with that of economist Milton Friedman, who believed companies “should focus on returns for shareholders” and that “companies that focus on profit will be more profitable than companies that don’t.” Capitalism, he continued, “is the only economic system that ties your success to meeting the needs of other people,” going on to claim that businesses’ sole focus should be the generation of profits.

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