Jeremy Boreing had never planned to get into the razor business. That changed in March when online shaving gear seller Harry’s yanked its ads from his conservative news site over what it called “inexcusable” views and a “values misalignment” relating to the LGBTQ+ community.


The Daily Wire CEO launched his own line of razors in March under the Jeremy’s Razors brand—selling products remarkably similar to those of Harry’s.


“They left us for saying boys are boys and girls are girls,” complained Boreing, whose news site is known for its podcasts with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.


The battle of the razors is the latest in a growing war against “woke business” by conservatives who are starting their own companies or investment funds, using activist shareholder tactics and drafting legislation to target firms espousing liberal causes. The goal: to force executives to focus on profits rather than changing the world—or, at least, not changing the world in ways that align with liberal values.

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