A former JPMorgan Chase banker launched owns firm focused on investing in “unwoke” companies.


Daniel Grant, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is the president and CEO of 2ndVote Advisors. According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article titled “Anti-Woke ETFs Are Pitching to Conservatives Mad at Corporate America,” he is tired of the progressive politics of “woke” companies and is hoping to tap into the millions of voters who backed Donald Trump in the last presidential election.


The firm, according to its website, is reaching out to conservatives, Libertarians, and Reagan Democrats who don’t want to “compromise their values for a return on investment.”


It offers a range of products including exchange-traded funds and index funds, like the “Society Defended Index” that targets companies that don’t support actions against the Second Amendment. Another index fund, the “American Freedoms Index,” focuses on protecting the First Amendment.

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