2ndVote Value Investments, Inc., the holding company for asset management firm 2ndVote Advisers, LLC, announced today that Andy Puzder has been appointed to the position of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. As executive chairman, Mr. Puzder will facilitate the operations and deliberations of the Board, support 2ndVote Advisers CEO Dan Grant, advise on strategically important relationships and provide strategy for the company’s growth. 2ndVote Advisers is a rapidly growing asset manager with funds investing in companies that place profits ahead of a politically progressive ESG agenda.


Mr. Puzder is a fixture in conservative politics and a leader in calling out the economic dangers of the ESG movement, which values progressive policies over shareholder returns. He is a longtime, successful chief executive who has served at the highest, most intense levels of corporate management as chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.


Announcing Mr. Puzder’s appointment, 2ndVote Value Investments Chairman Emeritus, co-founder and board member Diane Black said, “Leftist CEOs and fund managers are focused on advancing an ESG agenda instead of profits for their shareholders. That’s why we started 2ndVote Advisers and it’s catching on. We are pushing back and we need experts like Andy to help lead our company as we grow. Andy is a visionary, a statesman and an exceptional leader. We are honored that he accepted the position of executive chairman.”

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